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Property Management
Sometimes, our new clients ask us “who will be managing my property, who’s my Portfolio Manager going to be?” This is a question that I understand is really important and the answer I give is a little different to most agencies. At Realmark Whitfords, our clients are clients of Realmark Whitfords, therefore, they don’t just get one person managing their property, they get the whole team PLUS one of the business owners - me.

Now that is a real differentiator and makes a massive difference to property owners, because in any company the only constant is the business owner. In every business and in every industry one thing is guaranteed, staff will come and go and that means every business owner must make their service and the promises they make, team proof.

By having the business owner managing the business and service operations day to day, our clients receive the rewards of someone whose priority is protection of their investment because ultimately, I am protecting our business. My focus is around team training, retention, and managing consistency through weekly and monthly auditing of the teams’ work.

When we say our clients don’t just have one person managing their property, they have the whole team, let me explain...

Each of our team who work across Property Management in our business are expected to complete an induction training course when they begin working with us. Regardless of level of experience, this is designed to make sure all policies, protocols and procedures are followed the Realmark Whitfords way, not the way they were previously taught at ‘Joe Bloggs

Agency.’ They are all trained to use the software in operation to a minimum standard and are required to log in real time details of conversations, instructions and actions along with the status of any aspect of your tenant and property. At any time, this can be accessed by any of the team. If you only have one Portfolio Manager who is managing tasks and then recording them somewhere other than the history logs, usually in their head or scribbled on a piece of paper never to be found, then they are the only one who will know what’s going on. What if they go on holiday? What if they go off sick? We can and do provide answers and facts when our clients need to know updates and happenings.

Yes, you may have the same Portfolio Manager attending to your maintenance and repairs and your rent collection management, but if your Portfolio Manager is away from the office, any of our team will be able to answer questions our clients may have on anything relating to them, their property or their tenancy. If they don’t know, they are trained to say that and find out, ensuring that the information is always accurate and relevant! We don’t have a culture of “that’s not a property I manage therefore I can’t help you.” For more information about how this works and our Property Management services, please contact me, Paula Alsford – 0432 281 070.
Property Management

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