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Promoting Proactive Property Management

Realmark Whitfords’ Property Management department believe our work as managers of your investment properties should be proactive, rather than reactive. We have robust systems in place to minimise the risks of our investment owners and as a team, we are continually sharing scenarios that have arisen with our properties. No two days are ever the same and even with the years of collective experience we have in the team, we certainly have not seen it all!

One such proactive approach is being ready for different times of the year and the attention that may be required to reduce the risk of expenditure on your investment property.

1.Insurance. During the last storm a couple of weeks ago, one of our properties suffered damage internally and externally. This could have proved costly to the owners and obviously caused disruption for the tenants. Fortunately, the owners have specialist landlord insurance in place, tailor made for these types of incidents. So this is certainly a time to refresh your memory about the landlord insurance you have and make sure you’re happy with the level of cover for buildings, contents and accidental damage. (Please let us know if we can help you research into the specialist landlord insurance policies that we would recommend).

2.External areas. We can arrange to have the gutters and drains on your property cleared of leaves, twigs and debris that may have collected over the last year – not doing this could lead to blockages in drains. Did you know that accessibility to a working sewerage system is classed under the Tenancies Act as an ‘essential service’, which, if blocked, there has to be an attempt to rectify within 24 hours. Also, a loose roof tile could result in water getting in and a leak - potentially 100s of dollars’ worth of damage in some cases.

3.Trees. Now is the time to have a cull on dead wood – reducing the risk that a tree or dead branch may fall onto your investment property or a neighbouring property.

4.Condensation. All year round, we recommend to our tenants to ventilate the bathrooms in investment properties, even if the room has an extractor fan. In the winter this is even more important due to cold weather and moisture in the room creating damp and mould. Mould can build up on bathroom seals and tile grout quickly and over time can break the seal and grout down, leading to leaks between shower cubicles and adjoining walls.

Below, one of our trusted and reliable contractors, Purely Property Services, has put together a Winter offer for our owners. This is regarding preventative maintenance that we would strongly recommend you look into, to avoid a situation such as the ones that were reported to us after the recent storms.

"As the winter approaches and the wet weather looms near, we are inviting our customers to take advantage of a fixed price gutter clean. We are currently offering a full gutter and downpipe clean for just $195+GST on any single storey property in Perth’s northern suburbs. During the gutter clean we will inspect the roof for broken tiles, and inspect the ridge and hip cap pointing, and report any issues we find."

Contact Purely Property Services at 0415 328 568 for more information or email them at

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